324/365 (UPDATE)


So I’ve been out for more than 200 days. I can’t remember how and why I just stopped posting photos. I guess our connection sucked at the time but then it went okay – or is okay for a while now and I still haven’t posted a single thing since my 24th birthday.

I never stopped taking photographs though and I must admit, inspiration has been elusive lately. Sometimes I just take photos for the sake of it. I started this project last year just so I can see the beauty in everything. Life’s been a little difficult lately… this year is more stressful and my drive’s just… whoo-out the window. Or maybe I’m just burned out and I need a break. Cos everyone deserves a break, right?

Basically, I feel like that line from Fix You: Stuck in reverse.

Or just stuck.

Anyway, the year’s about to end. Can’t wait for 2016 to be honest. New years kind of give me an excuse to, like, start over. Like I am forced to have a new beginning. Does that make sense?  HAH. Yeah, no.

I’m okay, in case you’re wondering.

Will try to update from Day 107 til today in the next couple of days. I am not sure if I still covered everything, but I’ll just post the ones that are nice to look at AKA the days I feel inspired.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset




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